Denver Once Again Named Worst City to Find Love

Dating is scary to me and now this is really scaring me away from dating!

Once again Denver has been named "America's worst city to find love" for 2019. Denver also received the same title by The Great Love Debate in 2017.

Denver daters have a lack of communication, style, confidence, and enthusiasm according to the website.

Author Brian Howie explains

"Denver sees itself as an active city, which is true. They are actively getting worse at dating and relationships. Denver men? The epicenter of bad bro culture - bearded, unkempt, and disinterested; content to lead an existence built around pot, porn, and Playstation - all washed down with an overrated craft beer.

And the city's women are equally part of the problem, convincing themselves that their confused style of nose rings, bad tattoos, and Lululemon make them too edgy to relate; spending all waking hours at a co-working cafe plotting their "conscious coaching" empire, loudly declaring themselves too important to date."

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