This Is The Best Food Truck In Colorado

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There's something great about food trucks. Not only are they convenient in business areas and outdoor events, but their prices tend to be cheaper than sit-down restaurants or shops.

Also, the food they make is just downright delicious. From hotdogs and tacos to noodles, burgers, and sweets, there's no limit to what kind of food you'll get from a food truck.

Small Biz Genius says there are 24,000 active food trucks in the United States. With so many food trucks to check out, where can you find the best one in Colorado? RedBook found the most amazing food trucks to check out in each state, including the Centennial State. The No. 1 pick is...


You can find this food truck driving around the Denver area. They serve 100% vegan comfort food made from scratch, according to the website.

"Ran by two best friends, our menu is inspired by local/seasonal produce & cuisine from around the world - with a plant based twist!" the page reads.

Each Friday, they have a "Pay What You Can" option at Nooch Vegan Market. Half of the proceeds are donated to a local LGBTQ or BIPOC organization each month.

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