Here Are The Best Nachos In Colorado

Young women and man eating nachos with melted cheese

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There are so many things to love about nachos. They can be a dish you can eat by yourself, or you can share it with others. It's the perfect appetizer, snack and entree in some cases. And the best part are the many ways you can load delicious ingredients on a bed of tortilla chips, from cheese, sour cream and jalapeños to beef, chicken and pork.

Not all nachos are created equal, and American restaurants can get creative about how to craft this dish. That's why LoveFood found the most delicious nachos in every state, including Colorado.

The best plate of nachos you can grab in the Centennial State is... La Loteria Taqueria!

Writers explained why they chose this Mexican restaurant:

"Although it’s mainly known for its street tacos, food-truck-turned-bricks-and-mortar joint La Loteria Taqueria offers a dish called Solo Nachos that’s worth a look. It features a tasty combination of pepper jack, Cheddar and nacho cheese, pickled jalapeños, pinto beans and pico de gallo for sharpness, plus a refreshing sour cream. Just add chicken, carne asada (grilled steak) or camarones (shrimp) to make it a meal."

If you're craving these nachos, you can find La Loteria at 42 South Broadway in Denver.

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