Robocalls Could Dramatically Slow On June 30th! FINALLY!

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Photo: Getty Images

Americans alone have gotten over 22 billion robo/scam calls since the beginning of jus this year, but that THANKFULLY could all stop on June 30th. Which is the day the FCC expects ALL major phone companies to begin using a new technology called "STIR"/"SHAKEN". Basically, the new tech requires that all calls going through any phone network have a legitimate carrier ID attached to them. If not, your phone company stops the robocall from blowing you up!

It SHOULD help these annoying Robocalls but the FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said, addressing robocall scammers "ends up being a game of whack-a-mole. So the long-term solution is still difficult. We'll see how much progress we can make." I'll take some effort over none as I bet I get 10+ of these a day! It's beyond annoying and we all pay too much money to not want to even answer calls anymore. I almost NEVER answer my phone from unknown numbers and I've missed some pretty important calls because of it. Let's go!

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