5 Reasons YOU Should Go See Ghostbusters: Afterlife

I forgot how exciting going to the movies was! The popcorn, the candy, the soda. Finding that perfect center seat. That’s not too far back…..and not too close either (because who wants to break their neck looking up when they’re trying to enjoy a movie) not me! Last night I went to see the new “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” movie. At the AMC IMAX in Aurora.

Here are five reasons you should go see the movie RIGHT NOW!

1) Anyone can enjoy it. This film can be enjoyed by the OG Ghostbusters fan like myself or the new fan. You can go see this with your buddy, or your family and still enjoy yourself.

2) Paul Rudd. This movie is flat-out funny in all the right places! Paul Rudd brings his “Paul Rudd-ness” to the screen and will have you cracking up! His timing and charm are infectious.

3) Mckenna Grace. McKenna plays Phoebe. She’s the 12-year-old granddaughter of "Egon Spengler", who you definitely remember from the original Ghostbuster films. She’s the nerdy science type just like her grandpop. This actress is wise beyond her years on screen. She’s so convincing and her character is easy to root for.

4) Podcast Kid. A new character enters the Ghostbusters universe. He goes by “Podcast” a child actor named Logan Kim. Podcast always has his microphone out and is recording. Hence the name Podcast. He’s got some of the funniest lines in the film. This kid is a scene-stealer.

5) The Gang. I’m going to say too much on this one because I’m not about spoilers. Just stay away from IMDB… and be ready for a surprise that’s all I’ll say. (and oh yeah be sure to watch post-credits) Trust me!

With all that said, just like with anything… If you go into this movie with an open mind you’re going to enjoy yourself. If you’re strictly hoping to see an 80’s Ghostbusters movie in 2021, you’re going to get some of that sure.. but this film definitely plays to a new audience as well. All in all, I certainly recommend you go see this film! Thanks - JR

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