Say Bye-Bye to Flavored Tobacco In Denver..

With the exception of hookah pipe tobacco (shisha) and flavored cigars, the City Council has nixed the sale of flavored tobacco products as of July 2023. This ban was approved by an 8-3 majority. Now, this ban doesn’t become official until Mayor Michael Hancock signs it.

So what does this mean for you exactly? Well, it means your favorite Hookah Lounge if you partake is in the clear. It also means Vape Shop owners are worried about going out of business and rightfully so. I mean a great deal of what they sell falls under this new ban. Flavored tobacco products like, E-Cigs, Chewing Tobacco, Menthol Cigarettes & Vape Products are all effectively banned from being sold in Denver come July 2023. This type of thing isn’t new to Colorado. In fact Denver joins the likes of Aspen, Edgewater & Glenwood Springs just to name a few, who have passed bans of their own.

All in all…. menthol flavored tobacco products are said to kind of hide the harshness of cigarette smoke. Cigarettes are the number one killer in the U.S. So how do you feel about this? Is this fair to these smoke and vape shops? Is this long overdue? I would love your feedback.

Thanks for reading! For more watch the video below.

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