Dave Chappelle Tackled On Stage, Slammed for Transphobic Comment Afterward

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Photo: Getty Images

Dave Chappelle had a visitor on stage at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this week. He was ending his set at the Netflix is a Joke comedy festival when an unidentified man jumped on stage and tackled him to the ground.

He and Chris Rock both joked about the incident immediately after -- obviously with a reference to Will Smith. Though he's physically fine, he's facing backlash after a comment he made about the perpetrator.

After a man armed with a fake handgun tackled Chappelle in the middle of a performance at the Hollywood Bowl, the stand-up comedian turned to his audience and declared, “It was a trans man!”

After a video of the attack and subsequent transphobic comment was posted on Twitter, users spared no time sharing their thoughts.

Chappelle has faced criticism over his transphobic comments in recent comedy specials and was even the subject of an employee walk out at Netflix after the streamer greenlit another series of specials from him.

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