Taylor Swift's Mom Reacts To Her Daughter's TikTok Doppelgänger

Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift's TikTok doppelgänger has Andrea Swift's approval!

A TikToker by the name of Ashley Leechin recently posted a video reacting to the singer's first installment of her “Midnights Mayhem With Me” series where she announced the title of the 13th track of her upcoming album Midnights. Swift replied in the comments to Leechin, "My mom just saw this and said ‘she looks like you'” alongside a smiling emoji. Leechin frequently posts videos dressed up as the "All Too Well" singer and bears a striking resemblance to her.

After Swift's reply, Leechin excitedly reacted with another video where she said “I’m legitimately crying and shaking right now! I love you! I love you Andrea and I love you Taylor.” She also updated her bio to "Taylor & Andrea Swift approved ✔️." Fans congratulated her in the comments.

Watch the TikTok below:

Last weekend, rumors sparked that Swift might have a collaboration in the works with Lana Del Rey. The rumors started when fans spotted Swift wearing the same sweater she wore in a photo with Lana and Jack Antonoff earlier this year in her new video on the making of Midnights. In the video, it was also confirmed that Antonoff worked on the album.

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