This Is Colorado's Best Cake Shop

Chocolate cake with bonbon

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There's nothing like a slice of cake. That soft, moist bite can satisfy just about anybody, especially if it's your favorite flavor. Nobody can make them better than cake shops, which are known to make the most decadent and beautiful creations.

If you're looking for your go-to place for a slice of cake, LoveFood found the best cake shop in every state. The website states, "These shops make exceptional creations, from candy-inspired cakes and tropical fruit wonders to incredible, multi-tiered Champagne-spiked constructions."

According to writers, Colorado's best cake shop is Azucar Bakery! Here's why it was selected:

"Peruvian Azucar Bakery is the place to go for all sorts of treats. It has many flavours of custom round and sheet cakes including almond cake with cream cheese filling; banana cake with Bavarian cream; guava cake with guava whipped cream; and courgette cake with whipped cream and fruit filling. The mini chocolate cake with Bavarian cream and chocolate ganache comes highly recommended."

While this cake shop is known for its special occasion cakes, you can also purchase pies, cupcakes, normal cakes, Peruvian desserts, and other treats.

You can find Azucar Bakery at 1886 South Broadway in Denver. They're available for curbside pickup and delivery.

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