Sam Smith Reveals Which Fast Food Chain They're Obsessed With

Photo: Getty Images

It turns out Sam Smith has a deep love for one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world. During a recent interview in Australia, the pop star revealed they're a fan of McDonald's. "I love McDonald’s. I love all of it. I think every single thing on the menu is genius," they said per News-Graphic. "The world’s addicted, but it is fabulous."

Smith went on to say that they go so often, the staff at their local McDonald's know them by name. "There’s a drive-thru near my house in England and they know me by name now," they said. "I sometimes turn up and just get a coffee, it’s not always food, it’s a lifestyle."

In another interview with ET Canada, the singer played a game of "Holy or Unholy" based on their Grammy-nominated song with Kim Petras. When asked if McDonald's was holy or unholy, Smith confessed, "Oh, both at the same time. Holy at first, unholy afterward."

After mentioning they know fast food isn't the healthiest for you, Smith pointed out that a lot of things in life are unhealthy. "I've never met a chicken nugget I didn't like," they joked. As for their go-to order at the restaurant, Smith revealed they "like getting a box of nuggets and then you put chips (french fries) into it and then you put mozzarella dippers into it. Then you stir it all up and it's like a treasure chest."

Smith is just days away from dropping their fourth studio album Gloria on Friday, January 27th. Then, in February, Smith will hit the stage with Kim Petras to perform at the 2023 Grammy Awards where the duo is up for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. You can also catch Smith on tour later this summer.

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