3 Thanksgiving Movies You NEED To Watch This Year!

I know you're probably already watching Christmas movies, aren't you? I'm going to challenge you to watch these "Thanksgiving Films" first! You're thinking Thanksgiving movies is not a category JR. On the contrary my friend, yes it very much is! Here are 3 I want you to watch Thanksgiving week. I'll link all the trailers below for you.

1) "Son-In-Law" This is a Pauly Shore film from the early '90s that takes place in middle America. This is widely known and Pauly's best film he's ever done and I have to agree. I watch this movie every year around this time. This movie is super '90s, super county, and oh my god is it funny! You can watch this on HULU & YouTube I believe.

2) "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles" We are going back to 1987 for this overlooked classic. This movie stars Steve Martin & John Candy two incredible comedians. I want you to think about holiday travel and just how stressful and annoying that can be. Steve Martin's character is trying to go home to be with his family for the holiday but gets stuck with an annoying salesman for three days played by John Candy. I didn't encounter this movie until a few years ago but since then it's because a must-watch for me every year. This can be watched on Pluto TV for free last I checked.

3) "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" It's Charlie Brown enough said right? Charlie Brown is as classic as it gets. Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are staples for all major Holidays that included Thanksgiving. This is where the famous football on Charlie Brown comes from. "Isn't it peculiar Charlie Brown how some traditions just slowly fade away" There is something about these cartoons that really hit home for me. Most likely because they've been around forever & we've grown up with them. You can watch this on Apple TV+ or between you and me it's also pretty easy to find on YouTube for free. shhhhhhh

What is a Thanksgiving movie that you watch every year!? Let me know. Thanks for popping by my blog & Happy Thanksgiving. - JR

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