3 Bars To Watch The NBA Finals! Go Nuggets

Our Denver Nuggets are set to face the Miami Heat in the NBA finals and Denver is absolutely buzzing right now with excitement. Not buzzing about the ticket prices to the games so much, however. You could toss in a down payment on a car or go to game 1... you do the math lol. If you're like me a friend's house or a bar is probably our best bet to catch the game. Below are 3 bars in the Denver area you and your crew can watch the finals at.

McGregor Square: With a 66-foot jumbo tv screen this is an obvious choice right? Tickets are about $30 but arrive early this will be standing room only.

Stoney's: Located right down on Lincoln Street. This place is stacked with TVs and has great beer selections.

Basketball Social House: Basically, you can play basketball while you watch basketball. How's your jump shot?

GO NUGGETS! Thanks for popping by my blog. It's cool to be you - JR

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