Soaring Prices Cause Consumers to Propose a "Pasta Strike"

Well this is a first. Looking like the writers in Hollywood aren't the only ones putting up a fight right now. Pasta consumers are prosing a strike as well.

As everyone knows, inflation has been crazy and has caused the prices of almost everything to soar. Did you know that pasta prices have risen by 17.5% in March and 16.5% in April alone? not to mention, a lot of the pasta that is being sold at stores was manufactured during the pandemic so retailers are selling it for an absurd amount, according to KTLA.

So the solution? To not eat pasta at all. Sn Italian consumer group called Assoutent is asking the public to stop buying pasta to reduce the demand and as a result stores will have to lower the prices.

They're calling it the Pasta Strike. For 15 days can you pledge to not buy any pasta?

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