Did You See The AI Robots In The Stands At The Chargers Game?

Did you notice something unusual in the stands at the Chargers vs Miami Dolphins game on Sunday? You may have saw some fans in the stands that weren't human. Yes, you read that right. There were pairs of A1 robots seen cheering on the Chargers at SoFi Stadium.

Pictures starting circulating the internet as people snapped photos of the robots. It's kind of scary because they look like real humans. They have human features from head to toe and they were even wearing Chargers jerseys. Only thing that made them stand out was their mechanical ears.

Well, according to USA Today, The bots in question were there to help promote the upcoming sci-fi action film The Creator. "The film pits Earth’s citizens against a rampant AI force that threatens to destroy humanity as we know it."

The movie will be in theaters September 29th.

Would you have been freaked out if you sat next to an A1 robot at a football game?

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