People Look Uglier To You When You Don't Get Enough Sleep, Study Says

woman sleep in eye patch in grey bed. copy space

Photo: Getty Images

This could explain...a lot honestly. A new study is showing that a lack of sleep could be interfering with your love life. Mainly because it kinda makes the people around you seem ugly!

Researchers in Uppsala, Sweden found that not getting enough sleep can alter the way we see others. The team at Uppsala University used eye tracking technology to survey 45 men and women that can detect where they are looking in the moment.

After altering the subjects' sleep schedules, they recorded reactions to different surroundings. When they were sleep deprived they were more likely to register neutral faces as less trustworthy than normal. From that, the researchers could argue that sleep loss is associated with negative social interactions.

Rule of thumb? Sneak in a nap before hitting the bars.

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